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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Here I new Etsy shop!

I always said I wouldn't start blogging again, but here I am! I guess I just can't stay away :)

PinkyCrafts on Etsy ( has been live for nearly a month. Its been a huge learning experience for me. Its a good thing that I'm unemployed (or is it..hmm...) because it's nearly been a full-time job for me. Between making new products, photographing and re-photographing my items, and promoting the heck out of them - whew! I will say that it has been fun! I didn't have huge expectations for this shop, I just wanted to finally do something I loved and try to make a little spending cash out of it. I reason with myself that I can spend so much time doing this right now so that when I'm fully employed again, I won't have to spend my life doing it since I will have done such a good job getting it started.

The sales fairy hasn't visiting me often this month, but at least she has visited, and that's something to be thankful for. All in all, I'm really glad that the products I make, the products that I've already been making and gifting for years, can bring joy to somebody else. I love it!

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