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Saturday, January 15, 2011

More on the science of renewing your Etsy items....

Its a new year, and I'm hoping you are all making the most of it so far!  I have definitely neglected my blog, but I wanted to pop in quickly and share an amazing article with you Etsy sellers out there.

Mini BobOmb by nerdJERK
The author is an Etsy teammate of mine and an amazing shop owner, nerdJERK.  When I first met Steph, she was itching to break her shop full of geeky awesomeness into serious sales and has become uber successful - in what seems to be a very short time (although she would probably disagree!).  I feel like I can say "I knew her when!", but seriously, her story is really inspiring.  She did her own experiment on the item renewal concept, and was kind enough to share her results with the rest of us, including how you can find the same success she has found. 

She increased her page views by about 500% just by being smart about her renewal process, using several free seller tools websites.  Sound interesting?  Go check out her article, and the rest of her blog too!  If you're interested in her geekery, like this cute mini BobOmb, check out her shop!

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