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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Celebrating Life

This has been a very busy week for PinkyCrafts. My husband and I finally moved into our own temporary place after spending the last 4 months with family, I launched the new Party Supplies section in my shop, and I stumbled upon a new slogan. Whew. I need a nap :)

As my readers may recall, my husband and I quit our jobs in Arizona and moved to Oregon in January. We were letting our careers take over our lives, and we wanted to make a change. After thinking long and hard about our choices (and saving up as much money as we could), we decided to leave it all behind and finally be happy. For me, it was a return to Oregon but for my husband, it was his first time living outside Arizona. Our goal was to find careers to enrich our lives, not suck the life out of us. We spent the first four months in Oregon staying with my mom and her husband while we got settled and looked for our next steps. This was how my Etsy shop was born; I could not go back into community mental health and I wasn't finding any options that felt right for me.

My husband found a job that feels like a great fit for our family; he's been working for a week now. Now that we finally have some major income (come on Sales Fairy - help me contribute!), we were able to get into our own temporary place while we start looking for something permanent. Its amazing how you start to miss the small things like making your own dinners, eating on your schedule, not having to be especially quiet if you want to stay up later. Oh the freedoms! We're happy.

I'm so excited about the new party supply section in my shop. I've had a lot of views, but I'm still waiting for those views to turn into buyers. As I sat here this morning, thinking about the direction my baby shop is going in, I was suddenly hit with a new slogan to help me pull together all the items in my shop: Products to Celebrate the Good Times in Life. Perfect! This is such a reflection of who I am as a person and as an artist, I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner. I love any occasion to celebrate. I created a department within my old company to celebrate employees - I planned events, I held fundraisers, I developed a monthly newsletter to highlight our amazing staff. Why shouldn't my crafting reflect this same idea? My scrapbooking, gift tags and party favors are all items to help celebrate the good times in life. Thus a new slogan was born.

I'm hoping that the new attitude and positive feeling in my shop will help bring in buyers. I want this to turn into my full-time job so badly, and I'm eager to contribute financially to my famly again. Only time will tell if this idea will blossom!


  1. Lovely posting! Good for you and your husband to take the road less traveled! You both will be better for it! I love your new slogan! And I will help tweet you along every chance I get!

    Good luck to you and the hubs!!


  2. Good for you guys...lots of people stay in a rut because they are scared to make a of luck:)

  3. It certainly sounds like you're off to a GREAT start with your new life. :D

    The sales fairy hasn't been visiting me much either, but here's to hopin' that our positive attitudes will help motivate us to do more with our awesomeness. :D By CELEBRATING our awesomeness!

    (Now following your blog. Yay!)

  4. Mish, I LOVE the slogan. It completes your shop! I wish you all the best with your departments and the total success with Pinky Crafts!