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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A peek inside the process......

I've been asked a couple times about what my crafting space looks like, so I thought I'd give you a little peek. When we were living in Tucson, we had one room that served as a craft room/video game room for Kevin/guest room. I loved it. My least favorite part of crafting is the gettting stuff out/cleaning up process, and having my own space meant I could leave a lot of chaos around if I needed, without being in the way.

Then we were temporarially at my mom's, and I camped out at the living room table; not a lot of space, and no chance of leaving any chaos around. Ever. Here at the Extended Stay, I have a desk for all my shop pruducts and shipping materials, my supply tower fits nicely underneath, and I carve out crafting spaces anywhere I can. The dining room table is the perfect size for crafting, and the part of the bed nearest the window has fantastic lighting, considering that its indoors. (By the way, I 100% recommend the Extended Stay Deluxe chain. Such a great happy medium between leasing a long-term apartment and living in a traditional hotel. Its fantastic!). We're already looking for permanent places, and I'm pretty insistent on having a crafting room again. Until that day comes.......

The day I shot this photo, I was on Day 2 of a major re-shoot. I had quit early the day before as a rain storm moved in, and there wasn't enough light. When I woke up this morning, the light was great, and I didn't even take the time to make the bed before I pulled my supplies out and started to shoot - I didn't want to miss the light! This was the last product to be re-shot, and I left the staging area up as I edited the photos. I was so impressed with how the final shot turned out, and I found it hillarious that it came from such a crazy staging area. It just goes to show you that anybody really can take excellent photos, even when you're in a hotel room (albeit a huge apartment-style one) and the best lighting hits the bed!

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