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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Science of Renewing your Etsy Items

If you're an Etsy seller, you've probably heard veteran sellers suggest that you renew your items in order to stay on top of the search results pages. I started renewing regularly after I wasted spent money on several Showcase spots that didn't result in any sales. Instead of spending $7 or even $15 on a Showcase spot, it made sense to use that money for renewing instead, right? I'd rather spend $.20 on a renewal and hope for the best! But even if you're playing the renewal game, have you ever considered the "science" behind it? Have you ever thought about making a game out of the game with the winner (you) making sales?

This blog post is a must-read. The author experimented with renewing items at the times her shop was getting the most traffic (another reason why you MUST sign-up for Google Analytics if you haven't already!), and her results were incredible.

Get ready to take notes, and head on over to something blue: The Etsy Experiment Revealed!


  1. So awesome to see someone have such great notes on this and see that it actually works! Thanks for posting this.

  2. Now all I have to do is create stuff to put in my shop :)
    It seems my creative gene has gone missing. Had a friend do the renew game and it worked for her for a while. She did end up spending lots of money doing it though.

  3. Spending money doing it is the one aspect that concerns me; the article does say not to constantly renew very inexpensive items, but it still worries me! I'm trying it out now, and I hope you guys will report back too!