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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Return of the Cupcake!

About two years ago, my best friend got married in Maui, and opted for an amazing selection of cupcakes over the traditional wedding cake. I thought this was genius (as I helped myself to one of every flavor!) and marveled at the flavor choices she was able to offer. I've since noticed an increase in these types of "cakes" in wedding magazines.

As I relaxed in front of the TV this past week, I saw a commercial for a new show on TLC about a budding cupcake shop. According to the voice-over, people wait over an hour in line for these cupcakes - during the East Coast winter.

At Portland Saturday Market, one of the busiest booths is for Ja Das Desserts with their rows and rows of handmade cupcakes. (By the way, the coconut and red velvet cupcakes are to die for!)

Ladies and gentlemen, the cupcake is back. Once a staple for bake sales and bring-handmade-treats-to-school occasions, the cupcake has infiltrated every party and snack craving known to man. The appeal isn't hard to understand - you get your very own fully-decorated little dessert with the perfect amount of frosting and/or filling and cake. If you're in the mood for lots of dessert, you simply grab another cupcake. Unlike traditional cakes, cupcakes don't get cut and subsequently dry out and there is no fighting over extra frosting.

I know I'm a fan - vanilla, coconut, champagne, filled or unfilled, I love them ALL! I have a confession to make: I don't only make handmade cupcake toppers for my shop because I love the creative process. I make them because I get to go buy cupcakes in order to photograph the finished product for the Etsy listing - and I get to write it off as a business expense! The cupcake I bought for my Mickey and Minnie Mouse toppers (as pictured) has been my favorite so far.

What about you? Do you have a favorite cupcake story? What's your flavor of choice - or are you in love with all cupcakes?


  1. I love the peanut butter cupcakes with jelly tucked inside the frosting. I made these for my boyfriend last Valentine's Day and we easily ate about a dozen of them in two days.

  2. That sounds absolutely delicious!! I'm drooling :)