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Monday, August 8, 2011

Takin' a little break - but I won't be sitting around!

I learned my lesson last year: in order to fully prepare for holiday crafts shows, you need to start several months in advance!  I should have started last month, but with everything going on, I couldn't find my motivation.  It's almost like starting a new semester in college and the professor tells you that your grade will be based on a huge paper at the end of the semester, and he advises you to start early, but nobody actually does.  Thats me - my inner professor is telling me "Start now! You swore you'd start much earlier this year than you did last year!", but my inner college student is saying "But it's still summer, it's only August!". 

My busy summer plans are coming to an end - Florida is done, family reunion in Tucson is done.  I'm hosting an out-of-state bridal shower for my cousin next month, and the search for our first home is constantly hovering over us.  I'm spending serious time searching for a new job that has more long-term potential than the one I've got now.  On top of all that, I'm determined to drop these 20 pounds that I've gained over the last year due to my crazy daily routine (or lack thereof!).

With all that looming on the horizon, I've decided to take a break from keeping up my blog for awhile - which shouldn't be surprising since I've been a big slacker at keeping it up over the last few months!  You can keep up with me through Facebook and Twitter, and you can always peek into the shop to see what's new! 

Wish me luck and lots of energy to power through my seasonal to-do list!


I will be back eventually!

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