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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What's Happening Pinky?!

It's been quite awhile since I announced my blogging hiatus.  I've been keeping extremely busy, but I have had a few experiences that I want to share - and an awesome upcoming sale to promote!

The photo makes it look cluttered, but it looked fab in person!
Before I get to the sale, I wanted to share some photos from the Philomath Frolic Holiday Craft Show that I participated in last weekend.  This was my second year at this show, and I was super excited to make changes based on the lessons I learned last year.  I have re-designed my packaging, re-designed my display to be able to accommodate all my wine charms, and printed some fab new business cards. 

I definitely enjoy vending at this show because it's down where I grew up, and I get to spend the two days hanging out with my mom at the booth.  Unfortunately, most vendors experienced a drop in sales compared to last year, and I was no exception.  The traffic was pretty good, I received a ton of compliments on my work, but folks were holding tight to their wallets.  It was still a successful show, but this economy is hitting us hard.  I'm not sure if I'll do this show again next year; I suppose I'll have to see where everything is at next fall when applications come out! 
New packaging and wine charm display
In the meantime, I am OH SO EXCITED about the holiday shopping season.  Black Friday is a huge tradition in my family.  The core players are always my mom and I, and we're usually joined by one of my aunts, and occasionally one of my cousins.  We are lean, mean, deal-seeking machines.  Have you heard that a lot of stores are opening at midnight on Friday?  Yes, stores like Target and Kohls are hoping to drag you out of your turkey and pumpkin pie coma and into their stores at midnight.  At first, I was pretty excited about this.  I'd rather stay up late than go to bed and get up super early.  Buuuuuuut.....not all stores are opening at midnight, so this creates a major scheduling challenge.  We want to hit some midnight stores, but other stores we frequent (shout out to Fred Meyer's annual Sock Sale!) don't open until 5am.  We'll either have to decide to skip the midnight openings and hope for the best in the morning, or we'll hit the midnight stores, take a nap and hit the 5am and 6am stores, and then be going on very, very little sleep all day Friday.  Hmm. 

On that note, I wanted to remind everybody about Cyber Monday and the giant movement nationwide to shop small businesses this holiday season.  While I'll admit, I do shop the big box stores, I also have a list going on Etsy for other items I'm planning to gift.  I generally hit the big box stores for the generic holiday stuff (socks, flannel sheets, husband's specific University of Arizona apparel that makes it's way on his list every year), but I love shopping Etsy for the personal gifts. I also love knowing that I'm helping a small business owner.  I found *the perfect* gift for my aunt this year, and I cannot wait to see her start crying when she opens it! Where did I find it?  I found it on Etsy.  You see where I'm going with this, right? 

  All these items will be a part of the PDXEtsy sale!
To help get your Etsy-shopping gears turning, I want to share this huge news:  the PDX Etsy team is sponsoring a major Cyber Monday Sale.  Over 80 artisans in the Portland area (including me, yay!) will be offering hot deals and freebies when you enter the code PDXETSY2011 at checkout.   The wonderfully awesome Becky from Little Daisy Chains has put together the list of participating shops and the deals they will be offering, so make sure to check it out by clicking here! 

Now, while the PDXEtsy sale is officially going down on Cyber Monday (November 28, the Monday after Thanksgiving), I also want to show some love to my Black Friday shoppers, and to those supporting Small Business Saturday.  So.......for my loyal blog readers, Facebook fans, and Twitter followers, I'm going to be offering free shipping starting Thanksgiving Day all the way through the end of Cyber Monday!  That's right, you can get free shipping on all in-stock orders when you enter PDXETSY2011 - woooo hooo!!

I want to wish everybody a wonderful Thanksgiving - I have so much to be thankful for this year! 

<3 Mishelle

PDXEtsy Sale: list of participating shops:

PinkyCrafts: Free Shipping November 24 - 28 using code PDXETSY2011:

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